nurturing plants and people


Tom and Amelia were my great, great grandparents, gamekeeper and head nanny. I would like to pass on the knowledge of the nurture of plants and people that has been passed down the generations to me.

We offer - 

Garden maintenance service - 

from general upkeep to complete renovation.

Forest school - 

child led play in the outdoor environment


History - 

Kate studied fashion and then ran a successful textile agency for 10 years supplying fabrics to top end fashion companies. She then decided to pursue her other love - gardening.

She bought an old farmhouse in Northern Spain and co ran a self sufficient smallholding, specialising in the vegetable garden, for 5 years. After the birth of her son she began to miss the vibrancy of London and the people.
They returned in 2010, bringing back that knowledge, and Kate set up Tom and Amelia.

In 2017 Kate moved to Bruton, Somerset with her son.

Kate is also a Level 3 forest school paracticioner.

In 2012 Kate received the gold award for best business vision 2012 by Brand Amplifier

Testimonials - 

Kate Hathway has been gardening for me over the past two years and is a fantastic help. She has weeded, dug over beds, planted new shrubs and advised on the best time to prune. She is quite flexible which suits me as she needs to work around her child and other job commitments while I need to work around my meetings as a local councillor and freelance journalist. She is also proactive in making suggestions about the garden without ever imposing her views.

I met Kate when she ran a stall at the Norwood Feast, a new series of monthly markets which started last summer in West Norwood, south London. She was selling plants and came over as very energetic and engaging. Our conversation quickly led to my problem in managing a large garden while having massive work commitments and a new role as a grandmother. In just a few minutes at her stall, she had offered to come and look at my garden and I’d accepted.

She comes over as completely natural and straight with her customers – not peddling a “line” or indulging in hyperbole: a natural entrepreneur who I’m sure will be running a successful business for years to come.

Jane Pritchard - Lambeth

Kate has been our regular gardener since autumn 2010. We are really happy with her work for us and appreciate the plants she selects and provides for us.

Robert Smith - East Dulwich

Kate is a lady at one with nature and all things green........... and brown!   I love having her look after my suburban, mature garden. 
I perceive a 'holistic', almost reverend approach of respect and gentleness, sans noisy, smelly machines.

It is clear that she does this work because she LOVES being close to the earth and things that grow.  She brings out all the potential and transform the health and vigour of my garden.  She has the know-how, the skill and the enthusiasm.
One feels instinctively that Kate does this work, not for the money, but because she is passionate about what she's doing.  Her heart is in it - of that there is no doubt.

She is lovely to have around, with a ready, beaming smile and a willingness to discuss and adapt.  Unlike some gardeners, she does what I want, not what she wants, and she works quietly without fuss or frequent questions, showing initiative and conscientiousness.

A delightful person, and a gem in any garden or running any plant/flower stall, I have no hesitation in singing Kate's praises from my rooftop!

Linty - Hampton

Kate is a polite and professional individual who is passionate about her work. She has done a wonderful job of transforming the gardens in our residential block from an overgrown expanse of weeds and bushes to a pleasant outdoor space that is easy to maintain.

Kate provided prompt and competitive quotes with comprehensive details for a landscaping project and has subsequently completed this to a high standard. We [Board of Directors] received expert advice from her on the types of plants / greenery etc. to introduce in order to meet our needs and be sustainable.

I have been impressed with Kate's work to date and would be happy to recommend her services.

Samantha Butler - Riddell Court, Burgess Park



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